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Cd Experiential Launch

With the release of my latest CD Major Over Minor on May 7th. I wanted to let people experience my album in a unique and different way than most cd releases. Instead of putting people in a room late at night and play the album for them, I decided to offer an experience of the album where it is meant to experienced -out in the world.

An experiential launch of my new cd. A walk through the city listening to my new album. Bring your smart phone and headphones or download the album here.

Show up ANY TIME between 5-7 at the foot of Front street and Portland street (at the entrance to the yellow bridge.) You will be given a map and instructions. The walk will lead you toward the Old York Pub where you will be treated to free beer and a chance to hang out and celebrate the release of my new album Major Over Minor with live music by Morgan Doctor and Chris Gartner.
Kids, dogs, friends and family are all welcome.
and it’s FREE.

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Eccodek remix-Floating World

The first remix of Morgan’s upcoming album, Major Over Minor is out

Free download here

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Major Over Minor

Major Over Minor

Morgan’s third solo album on Aporia Records is out May 7. ¬†Album release party May 5. Stay tuned-you won’t want to miss this..

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Morgan Doctor